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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oooh, oooh, I just had a brainstorm! I think it would really be good for you, if you can find this near where you live, to take some improv classes (ever see Drew Carey's Whose Line Is it Anyway? or his Improv-A-Ganza?). Improvisation is all about thinking on your feet, dealing with the unexpected, and crafting something out of an opportunity. Improv has been found to be really good "therapy" for a variety of issues (relieves stress, strengthens memory, enhances creativity, etc.), but I think it would especially benefit someone who, like you, has a hard time handling surprises. Plus, it's really, really fun and a good way to meet people and make friends. If you're near a city, it shouldn't be too hard to find some improv groups that hold classes. Just a thought... no, wait, I did say it's a brainstorm!
Good idea... but not doable with my current schedule. I work full time and am in graduate school, so school T/Th from 5:30 to 10:00 pm. Mondays and wednesdays are usually filled with counseling/other appointments, then home, walk dog and homework until bed, every other friday I drive to get my son, and weekends are usually a mix of housework/groceries/cooking/kids/errands and if I'm lucky visiting a friend. At this point if I have a spare hour I read, or maybe just lay on my ass for a second!!

My schedule's actually getting worse in October and November, and then it should ease off a bit because I'll be done with my schoolwork.

And I'm not really sure something like that would help. I've taken drama classes before where we had to do that on the spot stuff, and I got through it but I hated it and never got better. It's a bit like public speaking to me. I always hated that and everybody told me to do it more and I'd get used to it. Well, I'm 43, and I can do it if needed, but i do NOT like it anymore than I did as a kid. It's just not my personality.

I think the topic this week with the counselor will be two things... how to handle anxiety when it comes up, and how to handle changes in plan. Like techniques to work through the physical so that my mind can catch up and make sense of things.

For now, I've created the "Shit that goes through my head that nobody should ever have to see" book. Basically it's an old 9x13" journal I had laying around where when I'm anxious or feeling weird about things I can just vomit it all out in there and get it out of my head, work through it, realize I'm being silly--whatever. But nobody else then has to read it. Might even do a ceremonail burning of the pages once a month or so! Maybe quarterly...
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