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I used to be really emotionally entwined with my mother. I used to feel like I would never grow up. My therapist used to say to me, "Go stand in front of a mirror naked. If you've got pubic hair, you're a grown-up." Haha, that was years ago before everyone shaved or waxed. But really, after a certain age, it is the best thing in the world to start seeing our parents as simply other people and to realize that we are adults who make our own decisions. You mother showing up at your therapy session was not only rude, but the height of imposing her beliefs on you -- and a flagrant disregard for your privacy and rights as a person making your own decisions. Doesn't matter if you came out of her womb, she had no right to insinuate herself into your session and I think only good stuff can come out of standing up to her!!
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