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It being my first time cooking orzo, I figured I'd give 'em a quick rince before putting them in the pot. (Not sure why! I guess because I have a habit of doing that with rice, which isn't always clean, and they are rice-like.) Well, I would discourage this rince step! They tended to goop together and I had to really work them in the pot while they were cooking to break them up from clumps. I think I sorta knew better but.... (No, I don't rince any other pasta prior to cooking, and won't make the mistake again.)
Anyway, I was able to agitate the hell out of the orzo clumps with a wooden spoon and break them up.

I used more orzo than the recipe called for, which seemed way too little. And you can put three times or more chopped dill in, if you like dill. In fact, I pretty much ignored the quantities suggested, and threw in lots more scallions than it called for, and replaced the butter with olive oil.

It was an okay dish. I plan to explore other orzo using dishes and invent some riffs on the theme.
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