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Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
But what if you are poly and meet someone who is mono married. Do your personal beliefs about relationships lessen your perceived impact on pursuing your way into their lives?
Personally I wouldn't "chase" a mono person because of my poly beliefs. Regardless of how I felt.

That is like a preacher preaching.. or those damn people showing up at my door telling me their god is awesome. If someone tells me they are mono... they are married.. thats it. I don't even put it in the "consideration" tab.

I know everyone tries to be honest and communicate, but by doing that it must be a fine line between letting them know about poly and your love for them and not coercing them with displays of love and philosophies of it all working out in a poly eat mono world?
Pursuing as described above.. and telling someone you are poly and love them is different. Explaining the situation, and leaving it at that is very different animal.

I have never been a fan of pursuing the unattainable. That to me just feels like a severe ego stroke.
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