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See? And this is why I hooked up with this forum. Thank you very much for your welcomes.
To redpepper - I've already found many of Mono's posts and found them very helpful to answer some of the concerns that I had. "My" guy has been very open to answering any and all questions I've put forth but I think it is always good to get some outside opinions and input (less-biased research). I've already learned a heck of a lot here which has made my decision to approach this whole thing with an open mind much easier. Your posts have also been very helpful for me to understand how he sees the world which is different than I always have.
To HappiestManAlive - thanks, I'm trying.
To Quath - I will, thank you for the welcome
To XYZ123 - I'm stealing your quote - it is perfect for the way I already live my life
And to Lovingradiance - your comments to other newbies have been insightful and kind - and are a main reason I am here.
Thank you all, again, for your welcome and support. I'm in the right place.
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