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Originally Posted by rory View Post
Therefore, I'm pondering if I still should use my old techinque of trying to control my feelings if/when I meet somebody in the future whom I love, but whom I can't be in a relationship with (for any reason).
I don't think you should be suppressing your feelings. Like Erosa said, just let yourself feel. If your not able to be with that person 'for any reason', then its probably a circumstance outside of your control anyway, so it might be easier to allow your self to feel love for that person without needing to act on it?

I find it hard when there is a possibility, but i can't act because of my own relationships boundries (which in theory i do have some say in). If I like someone but they are the ones who cant break the rules i find it easier to let sleeping dogs lie, as I don't want interfere in others stuff.

This makes me ponder something else...but ill start a thread instead of hijacking yours
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