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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
There is a big difference between being ashamed/embarrassed of someone and being ashamed/embarrassed about a situation. From what I can tell it is not you that he had the problem was the relationship dynamic. It's easy for me to say don't take it personally" (because I am often very Vulcan in how I see things) but please keep my comment in mind. Use it as a mantra "It was not me, it was the situation". Remove your self doubt from the real're boyfriend wants a more conventional arrangement.
I agree totally with Mon here - don't confuse his reaction over navigating in the current culture to his feelings about you.

Cultural pressure is a tremendously powerful thing. It shapes our every decision. it hinders us from living our lives the way our hearts would dictate.

Sometimes that saves our lives.........other times it wrecks it.

If possible I'd try to keep the lines of communication open. Yea - it will take a while for the hurt to heal some - but it will in time. But by keeping the lines open you don't close the door to the future. Life is funny. Tomorrow is always another day we can't see

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