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I hate my hormones!!!!! I think they are trying to F with me again and let loose my devils advocate. I have no rational reason to think anything has changed or gone wrong. Elric and I are still supposed to get together for dinner Thursday night (did I mention that in a post somewhere) but spending this week by myself is really hard. I had expected it but you know how you can never truly prepare for some things, well this is one of those things for me. He is the only person in the area that knows I'm here again and I wonder if I do that on purpose...other than not wanting to have to explain to anyone else why I'm here in IL without my husband or daughter or both, staying at a hotel alone... And my brain is going a thousand miles a minute and today Elric has been popping into my mind about every 25-30 miles in both guises as friend and as a man I love! GAH!!! Really need to go take some Tylenol or something. Sorry, had to rant a little. Thanks for listening.
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