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Originally Posted by violet View Post
I can understand what you're saying here. I guess my feeling on the matter, to bring the thread on topic for a sec, is that the husband needs to set ground rules based on his wife's NEEDS, and based on her morals and values. There is a NEED for those to be respected.

IMO, there is not a NEED for her husband to be in the relationship with the other girl. There isn't a NEED for him and the girlfriend to be making the wife uncomfortable. There is not a NEED for the other girl to be lying, or to be complicating things in such a manner. Did that make sense? I feel like a total bitch for saying that... lol
Actually it makes PERFECT sense-cause that was my point. NEEDS should be prioritized across the board, and it sounds like maybe wants are being prioritized over the wifes needs.....
I was trying to express it without using the exact reference of this situation because I think that it's a bigger picture then JUST cheating. It should encompass ALL parts of the relationship in my opinion. A person's psychological well-being IS a need, not a want. But a person's getting off with someone specific or with someone at all is a want. I might need to get off, but I don't NEED TO GET OFF WITH THAT PERSON.

And I didn't think you sounded like a bitch at all!
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