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Talking Intro And New

Hi all I am James heterosexual, open minded guy of 46 who has met his first love after 19 years of separation. She is starting to come out of her shell and is opening up to her being bi-sexual. I am completely open to the situation but not in the whats in it for me kind of way, I searched for ways to agree with her how we can handle the situation best.

She wants me to be a part of it and only when I am there, this complicated things as I needed an engagement baseline to work from, so I started to look into various relationships and build an understanding and after much deliberation decided to venture into Polyamorous agreements and try to understand how this could help us. I drafted my first agreement attempt and I must say I think it is perfect for us to create an agreement that helps us both understand the guidelines without her being fearful of losing me to another woman........

Thats my little intro and look forward to discussing with intelligent and objective people on here..
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