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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Unless you're being judged in a conversation that you're being left out of.
That isn't the problem of the folks DOING the "judging".

THEY aren't the ones who left her out.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd be "judging" according to the information available to me. It is not as though MY "judging" has the power to DO anything TO anyone.

(I'm going back into the first-person because it's easier, but I'm still using the Royal We)

I'm not the one who has the responsibility to the one being left out. I'm just participating in a discussion and placing myself in an "If I were you/ if it were me" perspective. If the "left out" person were to come on and say "hey yo, it ain't like that, here's MY side of it all" then I would re-evaluate my "judging". But what are we supposed to do, sit here and say "Hm, yeah, interesting situation, but I'm afraid we can't say anything about it unless you bring all the people involved to the forum so we can have all points of view fairly represented." Then you would have to bring the boyfriend-who-has-no-clue on the forum as well, in order to be FAIR.

"Judging" someone on an internet forum isn't the same thing as violating someone's civil rights.

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