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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I just wanted to say that I am so sorry. I can't imagine how badly you might feel right now - feeling something is natural and positive is great, finding out a partner isn't really committed to poly and feels embarrassed about a relationship they had with me just because it isn't the norm...I can't imagine the pain.
Sending hopeful wishes your way.
I really think thats what hurts me the most. That after all this time. And going places together, his son playing with mine. Never hiding any emotions or feelings... Well honestly I should have seen it before when they didnt go anywhere with us that anyone would know him. Until that one night. And to have him tell me he loves me and misses me 10 min before he says he doesnt wanna see me anymore.. It was a shocker. I feel better today. Still a lil lost. He has been a friend for so long that its hard not to hear from him etc. Its a 18 years friendship gone on top of my lover. It was a major self esteem blow for sure to have someone ashamed and embarrassed of me and mine. Thank you for your warm fuzzy wishes Im sure that one day I will get over the pain of losing all that I did. I promise the next relationship will have to be with someone who is ok and happy in this lifestyle. If we ever find that guy that would be happy to be with us as a family not as a in the closet secret.
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