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Originally Posted by dearprudence View Post
So easy to fall into the trap
If someone airs their laundry on a public forum, they are obviously interested in what people have to say. People are going to answer according to whatever their own experience has led them to. This "judging" is a quasi-religious cop-out "You don't have the RIGHT to JUDGE, only GOD has the RIGHT to JUDGE" and if someone doesn't buy into that, then they have every "right to judge" because we don't have the power to send other people to hell or to prison. So this "judging" is simply an academic/intellectual standpoint that has no real validity unless the recipient chooses to allow it to be so.

People are actually doing [you] a FAVOR by "judging" [you]. If I "judge" [you] and [you] take it upon [yourself] as such, it ain't ME "falling into a trap". I can say whatever and [YOU] are the one who can take it or leave it.

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