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Hi Flower

It sounds as if you handled this situation really sensibly. This is not something that you will be able to come to terms with quickly. It's a process and it's like learning a whole new way of being. I would recommend that you check out my blog Look back at some of the earlier posts when I was struggling and wrote from that space. There's also lots of helpful stuff here on "the struggling mono thread".

I used to label our relationship poly/mono (he is poly and I am mono), I still do to help people understand, but I now think of our relationship as being "open" - open to possibilities. Where that will take us who knows, but I know we are both getting to experience the essence of who we really are, rather than trying to squeeze ourselves into a mono relationship.

You don't need to find solace with anyone else. You need to find solace in being the most wonderful version of yourself. Where that will lead who knows but if it's a journey you both take with love, honesty, respect and empathy everything will be fine. I know because I'm living it and it's mostly great.
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