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My favorite quote from Rilke is "Live the questions".

Is it self-hatered that runs us? Or is it self-ignorance? How do these relate? Are they the same? How? (etc.)....

As it seems to me at the moment, I did not grow up in a culture that really supported and encouraged self-knowledge. In many respects, indeed, I seem to be one of millions of folks here who have been encouraged to supplant actual self-knowledge with a pseudo version (psuedo? whatever!). Self-knowledge, then, begins with stealing fire, with traipsing out away from the crowd and the proper, normal, accepted, acceptable norms.... Not that all truth is outside of the "norms," rather, there's no testing of gold against fools gold witout risking the discovery that one has invested in the latter.

That risk is the beginning place of genuine self-discovery. It is also its endpoint. Seen rightly.

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