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Originally Posted by muse4 View Post
A well-timed appointment with my therapist Freud also helped me figure out why I was so upset. It was a D/s scene that my boyfriend and I had over last weekend, we ventured into new territory for us... we didn't pay enough attention to "aftercare" and I felt more exposed, vulnerable, and less contained than I usually am.
I just hope that you're not chalking your reaction off as simply a response to the D/s stuff, in a way that would minimize what you felt. Your upset was genuine and I think anyone would have been affected if they found that ad after being under the impression he wasn't into or looking for casual sex. Now, did he have any takers, I wonder?

Also, I find it more than a bit perturbing that he did such a thing in anger AND that he claims to have been poly for 20+ years yet doesn't want you to see anyone else. That seems rather possessive and hypocritical on his part. Is he a sexist only into OPP (one penis policy)? I see some SERIOUS red flags here!!
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