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Wow! I'm sorry I haven't logged on until now These posts have been very helpful. Mostly to converse with others who have a strong opinion on the subject and are able to say why. I don't look at my situation as having a right and a wrong. I know what feels right for me, and I want my husband to feel the same way I do about things that are important to me. But he won't always feel the same, and neither will I. I don't want veto power, unless our safety is at risk, or something like that. M is also jealous and very possessive after only 5 months. VERY possessive. For me, that's enough to cool down or end a relationship. And that's precisely the reason why I don't want to insert myself. The two of them have quite a few things to work out. They care for each other and they have to decide where they go from here. It's a little too easy for me to offer my opinion and wisdom If I don't like what she's doing, if it makes me uncomfortable, if I think it will have a negative ripple effect, all I can do is state my feelings and concerns, and distance myself. Honestly, I don't see this relationship going much further for quite a few reasons. But C's not ready to give up on it yet. We talk about it but we're not fighting about it. If M refuses to come clean to her boyfriend, and wants to move forward with C and take bigger steps, then we may start fighting about it (Maybe that doesn't warrant a smilie)
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