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Awesome.. I have had a good day.. decent day at work, but it ended well. An old friend called me up and we went for a ride. She is a friend from my drinking days and we hadn't connected since December.. It was one of those days where I was avoiding socializing (ended up running into a few old friends, so now making plans for more rides). But like all kiwis she nagged the hell out of me until I got out of the house. 2 hours later, my ass is killing me and my legs burn. A rare gorgeous night at 20c with lots of sun. Truly a perfect night for my first ride... I can call it inspiring.. even took a spin in the terrain park.. I have to admit, my cardio and skillset have stuck with me..

I sure have missed it.. "unfortunately" my cousin is coming up for a ride tomorrow.. I don't know if I will be able to sit on my saddle haha.. I guess I will just have to learn to suffer.. self-a-mascocism.. woot

Let the leg cramps begin.. where Pengrah when I need my thighs rubbed hjahaha

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