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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

To OP-you are already friends. If that friendship is as good as you deem it then he'll at least be able to come back around to discuss with you his feelings and from there WHO KNOWS?
He wrote me an email. He said he would be lying to me if he said he didn't have feelings for me too. He said he's felt guilty for having romantic feelings, and he had tried to deny them rationalizing men and women feel more affection for one another. He had sworn he'd never tell me (he's got great self-control), and even considered not writing me an email telling me the truth. He would never try to steal a buddy's girl, he says.

He also considers that a part of human nature is jealousy and competition, so with that in mind, he doesn't want to to adversely affect my relationship with my husband. And truth be told, I'm also afraid of how bad it may all end. He ended his email with, "I'm confused." So am I.

This guy isn't just a casual friend. He's a person I want to keep in my life, forever, if that's possible. He says that he already feels bad for his future wife (whoever she will be) because he and I will have a closer friendship. I also worry, what if my husband takes second place?
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