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Default Possibly poly relationship

Hello there, this is the first post on this forum. I'm actually lucky to have found it, had no idea it existed.

Well, anyways, then my question. Around a year ago, I met online a few friends, when added to a Skype convo. Kept talking since then to 2 in specific, with who I developed a strong friendship with. Both of them (males) are in a sot of relationship thing. They're not quite together, never were, but I know they love eachother very much even before I met them.

After a few months of talking to them, I realized I was sort of falling for both... We have so many things in common, I do love them very much, we have even planned a trip where we could stay together in August, in a house near the mountains, and probably, after that week, we would go home but not anymore as friends.

Now in my mind, this all sounds very beautiful, perfect. Have imagined myself on that situation a lot, being with them, enjoying the time, etc. But emotionally, I want to be able to take it, I really want to.

One advantage they have, is that they're close, and can with a train ticket meet eachother, as it is happening now. That's one of the main reasons I searched this question, and found this forum. I don't know what to feel or what to do, if I'm jealous of one of them, or both, or I don't know. All I want to is make it go away, want this feeling to disappear, because even though they are together they haven't forgot about me.

Thanks in advance... Best regards,


EDIT: Also, forgot to add. I'm a bisexual male, and never had any experience, obviously, with poly relationships.
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