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Things are looking up. Might have some work coming my way - yay! My freelance stuff isn't enough, and the payments for what I do usually come in 30 to 90 days out, so I've been looking for an actual job job, though I admit with very little enthusiasm. I can't really work full-time because I intend to finish my degree and enroll again this fall, after a much-needed break, and I am trying to get my production company rolling. But I've been so-o-o broke, I have to find something!!

Today I stopped in at a really swanky retail store a few blocks away from where I live, and spoke with the owner. He was so nice and asked me to come back with my resume (I hadn't intended to job hunt today, just went in while passing by). Then on the way home, I stopped in my neighborhood pet food store to buy cat food and the owner asked me if I was interested in dog walking. I had already left her some business cards I'd made for cat-sitting, and she's been really supportive and helpful since I told her about my divorce - lets me buy catfood on credit when I'm broke, and so on. Anyway, she told me she had talked about me to one of her customers who needs a dogwalker five days a week. While we were discussing this possibility, that lady came in (timing is everything!) with the dog - a really cute Scottie. So I gave her my card and we talked. Maybe this will actually happen, and also lead to other dog/cat gigs. I can see a nice little flexible worklife developing, a P/T job in a nice store with a cool owner, a bunch of freelance gigs doing what I like, and the ability to produce my media projects on my off-time (and pay the rent).
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