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Default Butterflies in stomach...

OK, so this is a general question I'm asking because of something I experience and I wanted to get some more perspectives on it.

My husband is seeing someone where he is living right now (we're separated by distance until the end of August). I like what I've heard about her, and we are going to meet in July when I'm there and sit and have lunch which will be nice. Hubs is going mostly slow and talking a lot as this is developing as previously our experience has entailed him getting together with someone for a weekend, once every 6 months or year... so nothing really regular or local.

Here's my question... every time he tells me they're thinking of getting together on X night, or whatever the case may be, I experience the whole "butterflies in the stomach" feeling. Not major, but just a little bit. I have been doing some serious evaluating and thinking when this happens-- as in I picture them going out and doing their thing and see how it makes me feel, and honestly I don't have any bad feelings--the thought of them having sex doesn't make me upset at all.

So does this feeling ever go away, or is this just possibly the way I'm wired and I just have to acknowledge it and let it pass (which is what I'm doing now). I'm okay if that's it-- but it is a "tad" annoying to get some feelings of anxiety or discomfort with a situation that doesn't seem to make me honestly feel anxious or uncomfortable!

Just wanted to see if anybody else experiences this at all, or has in the past. Maybe it's just one of those normal things. I don't usually have a good handle on what's "normal".
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