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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
- Pink Floyd -1977- ' Animals'

- Adele- 2011 - '21'

- The Tea Party -2000- 'Tangents'
( though complilations might not meet your criteria ? )

- The Eagles - 'Hell Freezes Over'

- NIN -1989- 'Pretty Hate Machine'

- A Perfect Circle - 2000 - 'Mer de Noms'

- Daft Punk - 1997 - 'Homework '

- Diana Krall - 2004 - ' The Girl In The Other Room'

I have country favourites too, but we`ll leave them off this board.
No genre should be left out. =] I'm not a fan of Country myself, but I love a bit of Folk. I live in the county of Yorkshire where there is a huge amount of Folk. But obviously the Irish are the ones that have Folk really down to a point.

Kate Rusby - 10 is an amazing album from a Yorkshire lass. But I have to say, most of her albums are actually great. Only 1 or 2 I can't get into and about 3 I've not yet heard.
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