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Originally Posted by violet View Post
It basically stems from the fact that I identify as a lesbian. I have been in a few long term relationships with men - but it's an emotional thing, and the sex just sort of follows suit for me. It's an odd mindset, but because I don't WANT other men, but would like to have other women - and because he doesn't WANT other men as a straight guy, then it's alright for him to have women. Make sense? (Probably not. lol)
I kind of get it. I identified as a lesbian for ten years only to find myself in love with my now husband. I had had several long term relationships before, if you can call them that in high school and university. Long for that time in my life I suppose. Anyway, it took me years to loosen up my identity as a lesbian as I had long term relationship with women too... I then accepted I'm bi and now accept pansexual.

Sexuality and desire is a tide that flows continuously in life.... right now it appears I am allllllll straight! LOL... not at all so, as I loooooong for a woman. I'm so pathetic.
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