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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Have you talked about your expectations with 2R? It could be that he doesn't realize how important these things are to you and how you feel when your expectations aren't met. Even if you have told him do you think he's really heard you?
Hmm, Derby, does telling people your expectations of them automatically mean they will change and strive to meet them for you? No. Sometimes I think it's better to sit with what's going on in our heads for a while and deconstruct those expectations rather than verbalize them and lay the responsibility on another person. And perhaps that is one of the benefits of the "distance" MG is now experiencing with 2R - some space and an opportunity for self-examination. Oh gosh, I know it's uncomfortable to do, but I've found it very freeing to first work through my shit, which gives me a clearer head to then express what's going on with me without [angry/frustrated/upset, etc.] energy attached to it. And most of the time I find it isn't even necessary to talk about my expectations with that person, 'cause I've worked it out. After all, it all starts with me.
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