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Default Hi...looking for enlightenment

Dear all,
Hi! I have been perusing your forum and found it to be very helpful with my (new) situation. You see, I met a guy, he's fabulous. Before we even really dated he told me he was poly. Not knowing what exactly that meant but knowing that I liked him I did some research and took the plunge anyway. I thought I'd be okay with it and so far, so good. Then he met someone else and although we'd discussed it, and honestly I'd thought about it, it was a little much for my mono-indoctrinated brain to deal with. But being the kind of person who doesn't trash a good thing without research I decided I needed more information. So, I'm here. I found you. I've found your forums very, very helpful as I wrap my brain around this new world I've found myself a part of. I find them friendly and welcoming to those of us seeking enlightenment.
I will have questions, I'm sure, and thank you in advance for any suggestions and guidance you're willing to toss in my direction.
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