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I know I am so bad about editing. I get all these feelings out and then I regret something, or think well that was a bit too much info, and I edit. But yes, the gist of the post is that I am truly struggling with expectations- I have them and some are probably a bit too high. However, I think I hold myself to those expectations and my struggle is in letting go of the expectations for others or at least not setting the bar so high.
I was reading in a couple of threads about different expectations we place on our lovers...all talking about different kinds of expectations. So it seems to be a theme this week.
I do think I can be too demanding and my EXCUSE is it's because I work so hard, and go above and beyond for my loves. It isnt helpful to put too much pressure on things I can't control, it isn't healthy to even want to control it. I am working on giving up the need to place expectations on every aspect of my relationship. It is what it is sometimes. One of these days I will get that.
Thank you NYCI.

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