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I have watched that web series. It's cute and the acting is okay.

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
And how do you make it interesting enough for people to want to watch it?
Ah, yes, the question that every screenwriter struggles with.

Mono, as to how to tell the story, you are right about needing conflict. Without conflict, there is no drama. For narrative fiction, there are certain basics for writing a screenplay that have stood the test of time (or at least since motion pictures began). Basically, it's the hero's journey. The protagonist (main character) has a quest or goal to accomplish, and just before we think he or she will attain it, there's a turn-around (plot point) that takes the protag very far away from that goal, and they have to fight all kinds of obstacles in order to get there. One teacher I had said that if the protag learns a lesson, it is a comedy (in the original sense, not the opposite of drama but just that there's a "happy ending"); if the protag does not learn a lesson on the journey, it's a tragedy.

Any number of genres could be made to fit a poly relationship as the happy ending; correspondingly, a tragedy could have the protag choosing to walk away from a happy poly situation and live with the societal norm.

Lotsa ways to do it.

I actually think a documentary feature would be a great way to reveal several types of poly situations, and better than writing a narrative fiction script, but docs are not usually the box office hits that narratives are (unless you're Michael Moore), and they are harder to fund.

Ari, there's a more recent documentary on one poly family that played at a theater in NYC last month. I did not go, but I saw it on IFC when it first came out. The filmmaker spent six years with a triad of one woman and two bi men. Here's the trailer: Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family. The DVD is $10 on that popular online bookseller.
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