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Thank you RP. Only this week some posts you made and some posts that Ceoli made brought my husband to his knees so to speak about the importance of considering ALL the people in the situation, not just one or two or even worse one's self.

It's very important that we all remember, each of us in a relationship has a different view of that relationship and how it impacts us personally. We MUST communicate and we MUST accept our differences in order to progress.

I'm not a "third" in my situation-but the "third" in our V is my boyfriend and I love and care for him deeply just as I love and care for Maca deeply. I am more conscious (naturally) of his needs then Maca is. So Maca has to work a little harder to remember to take them into consideration. Reading the OP's first post really brought that all home.

Not being in a relationship of that depth with this man yet-she can't fully know his feelings or reactions and maybe she's never been propositioned as he is so she doesn't know. I always appreciate someone reminding me that things might appear different to the other person when I'm feeling a bit lost or insecure.

To OP-you are already friends. If that friendship is as good as you deem it then he'll at least be able to come back around to discuss with you his feelings and from there WHO KNOWS?
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