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Communication class would be awesome. maca and I are doing that right now-even after just the first one we made SO much progress that we were both shocked and our relationship instantly grew closer THAT DAY.

By class two (one week later) we were on cloud 9. We were able to express things to one another that in 11 years together we never managed to get across right and it was invigorating, enlightening, motivating and eye opening.

Class three is this coming Friday-I can't wait.

Also-I like the suggestion of inviting him to come on here and read. I joined, found threads that answered questions we were struggling with and emailed maca links. He read them, decided to join and a by Ceoli cemented for him the points he was missing.

He was very concerned about being "replaced" and he was worried about me "finding someone better". It never occurred to him that his position in our situation is actually less "risky" then the additional persons, until he read Ceoli's thread and he was devastated by how HE had treated that other person aready.

I think inviting him to join whether you acknowledge each other on here or keep it secret unto yourselves will allow him to see a little more of you, what you are saying about the situation what you want, what you are hoping/needing AND allow him to see what other people think/see/feel/need in those situations which will help him decide what HE thinks/sees/feels/needs.

And as I said in your intro-check out it has some great articles and lists to use in conversation starters and question/answers to consider.
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