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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Our sexuality - especially in this society - is VERY complex. We can live and love with people for YEARS and still discover (or not) new sides of someone's sexuality. And it's a moving target. Our sexuality changes over time with our learning, exposure and experience.

So unless you 'discover' something that you find scary or truly offensive, I wouldn't confuse my apples and oranges. It's very common for partners tastes to vary and there's no requirement that both be identical. In fact part of the attraction of poly is to eliminate that conflict !
Join in what you enjoy - opt out of what you don't. As long as it's all safe and consensual it's all good.

As an expansion to this.. it is also common for sexuality to be different with different people. My "sexuality" is individual to the person I am with.. everytime..

Of course that could just be me hahaha..
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