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Originally Posted by aNJguy View Post
My Wife and I do pool our money, however I also own my (my family) business so the funds I use come from my company. Probably just another lame excuse. Sometimes I just hate thinking about money so much. It is said money doesn't buy happiness but I would sure like to find out lol I mean in the long run we are talking only 10 or 20 K--alot of money, but not a ridicilous amount.
You probably should have the moderators move this post to the appropriate section (General) as it is definitely not about "Site Usage".

Yep, lame excuse. Sit down with your wife and create some boundries, including how much can be spent. I agree with NYCinide, repair your marriage, you guys have a lot of issues, including your resentment of all her partners.

Be vary careful when giving money, anything over $13,000 you both will both have to claim on your taxes, this can also include NON-monetary gifts (cars, clothes, jewlery, etc). Just saying you could get yourself into a heap of trouble if you and your wife aren't on the same page.
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