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Originally Posted by violet View Post
I digress. I'm not looking for her to be a "proper unicorn". I'm looking for the hypocrisy to go away.
I can see how you would want this and NEED this! I certainly would feel the same way!

yup, if she is in that deep-cheating big time.

She's got some big time work to do. I hope for all your sake that she does it. You'll all be better for it if she does.

It seems there is more than a little hypocrisy going on if HMA has trouble with you being with other men! Yet it's okay for him to have other women! hmmm... where's the compersion in that! I don't have the option to have other men other than the three I do have because I made that commitment to mono. I did so because he is monogamous and I am ready to be polyfi! If he were poly and asked me for that kind of commitment I would have a really hard time with that. I guess you have your own reasons for being okay with it.

We have a friend who is trying to deal with his new girlfriend seeing other men as he has the same believe and hypocrisy. I hear him, but challenge his logic. That is simply not fair regardless of your status of not wanting to act on finding a man.
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