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It is all so confusing. she doesnt expect me to dump him, but I know she would ideally be monogomous with me. she doesnt understand why if I see P so infrequently why I want to be with him. (N lives 20 minutes from me and P lives 2 hours away). My relationship with N is pretty much like a monog relationship with the exception of the fact that on facebook it says I am in a relationship with P (and also her, but P shows up first) and her friends give her shit. She is also just turned 20 whereas P is 32 and has been poly for ages. I am capable of loving many people but even when I was just with P the jealousy was hard for me to handle. I dont think of N as "wrong" just young, and struggling. and I am too. and P is kinda not getting the attention from me he deserves because I have been so wrapped up in N. But I love N almost too much....
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