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Originally Posted by violet View Post, I'm more resentful of that than I thought.
That is VERY OK. You have a valid reason. It is not jealousy or misplaced resentment. It's your "gut" telling you something is not right.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I wrote a lot about this not too long ago on another thread if anyone cares to find it... I think it was someone who was cheating and wondered if they should tell their already damaged partner... I said no, they should get a grip on their life, change their behaviour and act respectfully to themselves and to their partner. I don't know what happened, they never wrote back.
Quite a few folks come here expecting "support" or "validation" for their part in a wacky situation and when they are not told what they want to hear, they mysteriously disappear never to be heard from again.
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