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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I am so blunt in this because I had an affair that lasted for a year and a half actively. As stupid as this sounds, I was concerned about the other man...I still regret hurting him even though he never knew it happened

That is a lesson I will never forget because the disapointment in myself rides the surface of my skin daily.
You are forgiven love because you are choosing to use the knowledge you have gained to help others. People benefit because you are speaking from experience. You have chosen an honorable path now and are healing the wound you helped to cause by sharing, growing and learning from your mistakes... that is all I ask and all I expect.

If the woman/women you cheated with could also learn from it I would be completely satisfied...! You don't know how hard it is for me to sit back and not just waltz right on over there and tell them what it has done to your life, my life and to the life of others. Sometimes, when the pain of what happens is running deep, it is all I can do to not make myself known to them and tell them how damaged I am because of them. I have to remember that their damage can only serve me if I chose to allow it to make me stronger rather than more damaged and more the victim. I have to leave their fate up to the universe/god, whomever as it isn't within my jurisdiction to point out the ripple effect they have had.
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