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River, I dont think I was really ever poly. While the freedom has been lovely. I fell in love with a man (P) who told me about polyamory and told me thats who he was. I was mono. P encouraged me to start dating which I did and then I fell in love with N. like the above poster said. I think its all fine and good to be in love with 2 people, but maintaining 2 relationships is causing pain. I feel like my indescisiveness about where to go with this issue is only going to cause more pain. I cant see myself dumping either of them. but I cant see this working out for us in the long run either. thanks for the replies. I dont know exactly what I am looking for....just any imput at all. this feels heartwrenching....some people say I have the best of both worlds , other people say I am wrong for breaking my gfs heart and not committing fully to her....but I think I am just stuck in this place I dont desire to be in...
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