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Well, there are a couple of different things to point out here.

#1- Hearsay. ' Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.' Is a old saying, that runs pretty true. Being told something negative by
your girlfriends' --> boyfriends-->uncles'-->plumber's--->goldfish, is not a reliable source. It sounds like shit-disturbing to me.

#2- Its very confusing with all things poly, isn`t it ? To be able to love in multiple, but not enjoy the actuality of it all, happens a bit more often then people might think.The struggles ?....well the truth is, no, It`s not always worth it. Thats where futures and goals, can play a part in helping you determine what is and is not worth working for.

#3- Feeling 'less in love' might be a product of the stress and pressure you feel under. It can kill libidos, affection, etc. You might need a break from the pressure, to see how you really feel away from the stress. People around you might not handle that well though.

Good luck.

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