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Originally Posted by rubyslippers View Post
" this also the root of capitalism?

Money is a symptom of scarcity (Scare City?), but also a cause of it. Seems to be a chicken and egg thing, hard to know which came first. What we now know of as money must have emerged gradually in evolutionary steps.

Lovers of capitalism will insist that capitalism creates wealth by creating capital, but I eschew the popular conception of wealth and adhere to one hinted at in the etymology of the word, which roots the word to a word meaning well-being. I understand well-being in eco-social terms, that is, in a communally contextualized way. No individual living in a sick or impoverished community can be said to have wealth. No destructive drawing down of "natural capital" or "social capital" can be said to be productive of wealth. So most which goes by the term "economics" smells like BS to me!

I believe our species emerged in a condition of "original abundance," and that
our first stage of "economic development" was rooted in sharing and cooperating. It was economically and socially egalitarian. That was before we
settled into permanent agriculturally based cities, which is to say before we became "civilized". And, today, I think the best thing we can all do is try to go home to our original mode of community and economy, which was about self-provisioning, sharing, cooperating. We can create many of the conditions of original abundance again, but it will take a lot of imagination and some elbow grease.
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