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Originally Posted by Nexus View Post
Since it's NEAR perfect albums, I'll give you a couple.

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi battles the pink robots. Just make sure you delete "yoshimi battles the pink robots part 2" as it is just a musical wank with some screaming. Do this, and the album is perfect.

Same with "This mortal Coil - It'll end in tears". Delete the 2nd to the last track....have a drink, and put it on before bed.

As for PERFECT albums....I'd say "Fantastic planet" by Failure is amazing all the way through. Pity they never stuck around, but I guess that saves us the bother of having a slightly crappier 2nd album. Speaking of...

Royksopps first album (I forget what it's called) is close to perfection the whole way through.

I could go on forever, but I won't. PM me if you want more.
Much more interesting if you go on. =P

I think Angra's first album, Angels Cry is amazing. But I hate when people add remixed/remastered tracks of THE SAME SONGS ALREADY ON THE ALBUM! Even cover songs get to me. It's one thing playing covers live, but to put it on your album that is full of original content really gets to me. So that's the only problem I have with Angra's album. The remixes right at the end of it.
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