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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
... cock fire??? wtf

Although I've never cocked and fired a gun, I see no incongruity in this reply - even if ray has explained it satisfactorilly in another way.

OK, by the time I "submit reply", somebody else might have beat me to it so I'll explain that I'm replying to "acid" with...


OK, OK! I'm going to have to explain THAT as well:
Somebody in The Spanish Revolution told me the following joke:

Someone asks a Physics professor to explain the difference between "dissolution" and "solution".
The professor thinks for a while, then replies:
"If you put a politician into a bath of sulphuric acid... that's a case of dissolution.
"If you put ALL politicians into a bath of sulphuric acid... that would be a solution."

So... Politician
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