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Default I know some things

I know some things about some people.

I know that

most have questions
and few have answers.
a few openly use others,
a few aren't open about that at all,
and a few find themselves used
a little too often.

some want in it,
others want out of it,
and there are those that just want
to make it through.

some are in love...for the first time
some are in love...still
some are in lust
some, in limbo.

those who don't get enough sleep.
those who get too much sleep.
those who cry themselves to sleep.

there are a couple
who are so open
that it makes me want to cry
and there are a couple
who are so closed
that it makes me want to cry.

a lot who make me want to sigh.

some have been addicts
to this or that.
some still are.

several have grown,
are growing,
need to grow -
and others who have been touched,
are touching,
need to touch.

some love being parents,
some do not.
some never want to.
some can't at all.

some have hurt me,
some I've hurt.

there are those who struggle
in the pool of happiness

and a lucky few
who take laps,
cutting through the water
like warm knives and butter.

some knew me before,
some know me now....
few can claim both.....

2 don't know me at all.

4 love pets over people.

2 hang in there without medication.

5 can find laughter every day....
5 can't.

1 was brave enough
to make amends
and 1 did it
and became a best friend.

1 doesn't believe in God
a few more just don't get him
3 absolutely do
and a 4th gets that I do too
and then there are those who
are like I am
and use a different name for him.

Half are stuck
in ruts
in their lives,
ruts that span a wide spectrum....
half don't seem to be stuck at all,
never have as a matter of fact.

I've felt love for many,
and have had it in return from a few.

I know some things about some people.
So many of them are different from me.
So many the same as.
It's good to know I'm not alone.
Born This Way
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