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Originally Posted by River View Post
It does no good to go to war with our emotional habits or well-worn habits of thought....
Indeed, inner wars only lead to wounds and scars, pain and confusion.

We should be patient and kind with ourselves as we unfold into fresh new ways of life. Don't push the river. Love the process. Put down the weapons.

I give you this Venn diagram. Two circles overlapping. Simple. In one circle is the old familiar habit of thought and feeling. In the other circle is the emerging "paradigm". Your work here is to cherish both and to notice, nay familiarize yourself with the overlapping space. That space is a bridge. The world is a bridge. Life is a bridge. Do not expect to arrive in unchanging territory.

Or practice this way: Hold your arms out with hands facing one another at a distance. Palm facing palm at a distance. Each hand is one of those circles in the Venn. Very, very slowly, mindful of what each hand represents, ... very slowly bring your palms together in touch. Slowly! Notice what happens. Watch carefully.
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