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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
The media of course controls this and WHO controls the media ?

Right now primarily the right wing, conservative camp.

There is much alternative press worldwide but it's outside the 'mainstream' for the most part.
Even if the alternative press does slightly better than the above two pics, they still lack a good deal of accuracy in their portrayals, unfortunately.

Example...about two years ago a gay & lesbian newspaper in our state did a story on polyamory. But their example? Four young skinny pretty-boys (think Bieber clones if you know what I mean) all living in a two bedroom apartment and screwing around with each other. Lots of discussion in the article about sex and jealousy---along with plenty of shirtless pictures for some odd reason---but very very little about love, romance, emotional bonding, etc. It was a pretty depressing portrayal...especially because they all ended up fighting and breaking up after they got to be on an MTV reality show.
Sure it was polyamorous technically, but not the face of it I'd choose to represent, in my honest opinion. I guess I assumed an LGBT paper would do better than a mainstream conservative one...but I was pretty disappointed.

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