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I asked last night if he minded that she hadn't shown up and he says that he doesn't. I don't get it. If everyone but me is happy with the situation I should just leave it alone. I hate that in my mind I'm already reluctant to help her out if the time comes when she needs help. Things like this shouldn't be tit for tat.

I guess this is one of the things about poly, we find partners who are suited to us. I was comparing my husband's gf to RP and Mono and my best friend. The thing is that his gf doesn't have to meet my standards. The people who are important to me in my life are there for me in the way I need them. If it isn't bothering him and he is having his needs met it's not for me to judge. I just wish that he would talk to me more about being content with the way things are (or not if he isn't) so that I don't have to guess.
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