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Hi Sinew,

I wonder if I can offer anything that might help...........

I wonder if the reason this is coming so hard is that you are thinking (maybe everyone else too?) that this is just all about managing emotions.
It's much more than that !
It's about replacing certain belief systems.

Are you willing to DO that ???

Think about it this way...............

Often when we are young we hear people use words - but we hear wrong. So we pronounce them the way WE understood them. Parents and other adults find this cute, so don't correct us. So it get reinforced.
At some point we either grow up some or someone less tolerant calls/corrects us on it. They instruct us the error we've been making and explain the correct way.

It's a shock to us ! We're embarrassed sometimes. I've seen kids try to cling to their old ways for awhile. But eventually we realize we were just mistaken and have to get with the program.

Becoming aware of poly capacity is somewhat like this. We learned a different interpretation early on and it was reinforced by everyone around us for years.
All that's necessary to move with this is to accept and BELIEVE that we were practicing a myth all this time prior !

Do you believe this ? Until you do, nothing down deep will change !

You can try to 'control' emotions, reactions etc etc But it will never be enough. And it will never feel 'good'. or right.

You have to BELIEVE in what you are doing. Once you have that clarity supporting you everything will fall into place in a pretty short time.

Try it


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