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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I'm reading a hysterically funny book, "What French Women Know" by Debra Ollivier.

Working on letting go. In a variety of ways, places, etc.

Still doing home improvements so we can rent the house and get out of here.

I'm 3 weeks into a 10 week class at the college. 97% thus far.
Good on ya LR! Sounds like a productive time for you.

I should have just gotten off of the phone, but I didn't.
Why do we do this? I had the same kind of two days. Just stop talking. Why can I not master the concept in a consistent way? I am really trying this time to not ignore a problem by just giving-in and saying "ok whatever you want." But at the same time I just do not have it in me to argue. I am just done. And I don't want to be nice about it either. I want to stick to my guns and get my point across and well just be heard. And not demanded of. I am actually just shutting down and I do not like that feeling.
I love Maca, ya know that I do. And I have told you before he and 2rings share similar personality traits. Hubs is more like GG. But why in the hell do we continue to argue with these guys. They are so stubborn. Obstinate. And have to really hurt us before they realize their offenses. JUST HANG UP! My new mantra.

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