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There is no reason why you can't lean on him a bit, I'm sure that he is sad for you and wants to help. It probably makes him feel closer to you to be able to help. I don't see any reason why you should deny him that.

After it is all done and you feel stronger though I would do something really nice for him and show him how much he means to you and how much you appreciated his shoulder...

I think we need to support and be supported by those we love. Somehow we have lost this in our society. It's like we tell others and ourselves to "get over it" before we are able or should. It has become normal to get over things without proper respect and time to go through the emotions. It's almost like it's normal to not FEEL bad feelings like sadness, jealousy, grief etc....

Grieve away my friend.
You have MY permission.... for what it's worth
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