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Originally Posted by nya47 View Post
I think, in an established relationship, you need to be committed to try and keep it going, or it's already failed.
This was my thought unfortunately and I wonder if it is unconsciously yours serendipity? He seems to be preparing you for the fact that he wants to move on... perhaps he is saying that he doesn't, because he has nothing to go to, but I think if he did, then that would be it.

I agree with seventhcrow, "love honestly and pack away the good memories." Make yourself ready to move on when the time comes... prepare for it by starting new things and seeing what doors are open around you that you might of missed as a result of this relationship. Sure, it might never happen, but you may find that there is plenty going on for you in your life to even worry about the possibility of leaving. It may turn out to be a mute issue at some point.
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