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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
12 to 16? Any more then 10 is generally too much for me. If I could just have a single song to last the entire 60 minutes or so, I would be happy. Which Porcupine Tree actually do with 'The Incident'. 55 minutes of a single song. Then a separate 20 minute disk with 4 songs on. But Not my fav album. The first album I listened to of theirs was 'Fear Of A Blank Planet' and it just blew me away. 6 songs that are just perfect.
I like the story music can tell. Good artists throw things in order for a reasons (it was actually one of Lars biggest arguments against napster. Music that can be listened to in individuality removes the power of an album. Its also probably why metalicas songs are almost always better in collections and in order.

I have never been a single long song fan. At about 5 minutes I need the pace to flip. Listening to an album is like reading a good book. Needs pace, peaks, valleys and lead ins. Single songs "can" create redundancy in the sound. If they can throw a song in their with an almost orgasmic rise.. all the better. Too many songs approach that level and then cut out. When you remove that emotional peak, it weakens the song/album greatly.

I have to admit, I really love Rise Against too. But their earlier stuff is where I would say I love their full albums. Anyone can write a good song, but it takes a lot of talent to write 60 minutes worth of material that actually keeps someone wanting to listen.
Their newest album released in March is good. Some very emotionally charged stuff.

I think GnR are one of those bands that just had a few good songs here and there. Even then, only good in the fact that they were catchy and sold a lot of copies.
It might be this is a type of music that touches those of us who lived through it then. Then again I was a banger and loved the dichotomy between a band that could rock out like no other and create rock ballads. Thats a virtual lost art today. The ability to create high strung fast paced mosh pit music and a song that you want to make love to your girlfriend while playing. It was the range that made some of the best heavy metal untouchable.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's just not my thing. I love techincal and/or emotional music most the time. When it does come to catchy, I really love Trance. But even then, I prefer the more technical stuff.
So does my wife. I appreciate the music as a whole. The technical side can be rough around the edges. I don't have the ear for detail, the music has to impress me as an entire piece.. even better if an entire album can make sense as well.

EDIT: Which makes me think - Infected Mushroom's 'Vicious Delicious' is a great Trance album with some great Metal influence in there. A whole song influenced by Metallica called 'Heavyweight' is brilliant.
There is a soft spot in my heart for trance and other techno music. It throws me back to some fantastic drugs, lots of experimental sex and many many late nights partying into the morning.

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